We promote

We promote fairness

We work to promote and protect fairness for homeowners in their interactions with Tarion by:

  • Providing homeowners a venue to express their concerns.

  • Offering information, advice and assistance on issues of fairness.

  • Conducting thorough, impartial and independent review of complaints and fairness disputes

  • Looking for fair resolutions to rectify individual concerns

  • Making recommendations to Tarion to improve broader systemic issues

We are
independent and confidential

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The New Home Ombuds is an independent and confidential office within Tarion. We report directly to the Board of Directors and not to Tarion management. Tarion does not access our files or our database and we have separate privacy and confidentiality protocols from Tarion.  We do not share information with Tarion unless a complainant provides permission for us to do so.  We are members of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman and adhere to their Statement of Ethical Principles

An external evaluation, completed in 2021, determined that the office has a high level of structural independence from Tarion. Click here to view the Indicators of Independence

Because we are familiar with Tarion’s policies and processes, we can easily identify errors or omissions. This allows us to quickly respond to complaints, efficiently resolve fairness disputes and see when systemic changes are needed to improve fairness within Tarion.



Terms of Reference

The New Home Ombuds Terms of Reference govern how the office operates and outline the mandate of the office. They are reviewed annually and any revisions are approved by the Board of Directors.

Please click the link below to view the Terms of Reference (PDF will open in a new tab/window):

Click here to view the New Home Ombuds' Terms of Reference.

The Team

Photo of Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt is currently serving as Interim Ombuds. She joined the New Home Ombuds office in the role of Advisor in 2017. Previously, she worked for over 15 years with the Ontario government as a Mediator and Issues Coordinator.

Rachel has a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Conrad Grebel University College and a Certificate in Adult Education from George Brown College. Her career focus has been in conflict resolution and is grounded by a passion for peacebuilding and social wellbeing. She has designed and delivered dispute resolution, restorative justice and mediation training in various community and workplace settings.

Rachel is a member of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman.

Photo of Faitma Ainanshe

Fatima Ainanshe

Fatima Ainanshe has been with the New Home Ombuds office since 2018, in the role of Early Resolution Officer. She is responsible for complaint intake, issue identification, analysis and resolution of complaints.

Fatima has a strong background in regulatory enforcement and complaint resolution, with experience in the real estate and health regulatory sectors. She also served for many years as a legal clerk.  

Fatima is a member of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman

Photo of Noah Waksman

Noah Waksman

Noah Waksman joined the New Home Ombuds office as an Early Resolution Officer in 2021. Along with Fatima he is responsible for complaint intake, issue identification, analysis and resolution of complaints,

Noah holds a BA in Political science from York University. Prior to joining the New Home Ombuds office, he worked as a flight instructor where he was able to not only indulge in his love of flying, but also to gain experience in both conflict resolution and regulatory work. This led to a career change and the completion of a certificate in mediation. Noah is currently pursuing certification as a Qualified Mediator (Q.Med).

Noah is a member of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman.